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Let Kitchen Hero come to your rescue, transforming your kitchen at a fraction of the cost of replacement kitchen doors & worktops with our low-cost vinyl wrap.

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We have an array of choices to suit your vision for your kitchen doors from neutrals to bolds, gloss and matt finishes and for your worktops a choice of wood grain and granite effect styles.

The combinations are vast and will create that perfect look at a low price.

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We supply a wide range colours for you to choose from.

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We supply a wide range woodgrain for you to choose from.

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We supply a wide range granite for you to choose from.

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There are tons of kitchen design ideas & tips that can make your room appear more spacious and efficient whether working in a small kitchen or large kitchen. Here are a few of our top kitchen tips:


All white kitchens give the illusion of space with a seamless transition from walls to units and worktops. White is our most popular colour for that modern, clean look and it really does open up space!


If you’re craving some colour, carry this colour through from units to elements in the rest of the room design – accessories/wall colour etc.

Many of our clients return to Kitchen Hero time again to change their kitchen units to fit new design ideas – you can makeover your kitchen going bold with your designs and if you fancy a change down the line you can do so at our low prices!

Kitchen Hero – the cheapest kitchen makeover solution on the market!


With your kitchen units transformed with our vinyl wrap, this is a great opportunity to further enhance the look of your kitchen with cleaver lighting. Lighting lifts a room and sets the mood.

Handles & Knobs

Changing the hardware is a quick and affordable way of updating and creating a new look to your existing kitchen cabinets. 

Handles & knobs are the final touch to kitchen cabinets, whether their style is traditional, contemporary or somewhere in between.

Adding a sleek rectangular bar handle with give a modern feel to your kitchen cupboards or perhaps the look your wanting to achieve is more traditional in which case combining a cup handle with a matching knob creates a traditional and sophisticated feel. 

If choosing to change handles and knobs, check the measurements of the existing fixings – if the replacements fit the existing holes then our kitchen fitters will be pleased to fit your new handles and knobs. 

If your new handles and knobs require new holes to be drilled to fit- please do this ahead of Kitchen Hero attending. 

It’s important to get a sleek finish- to ensure this please fill any old holes with a filler and once dried sand down making sure it’s completely smooth and filled to the surface of the kitchen doors and drawers.

Our kitchen fitters will be pleased to attach your new handles and knobs using the new holes you’ve created.


Why not carry your new look, through to your appliances to give them the appearance of being new. 

You can choose to keep the colour scheme the same as your kitchen cabinet doors or add a contrasting splash of colour to create a bold effect.

We can wrap most fridge freezers and dishwashers- speak to the team to discuss your vision.


Our vinyls have multiple uses outside the kitchen. We can wrap wardrobes, tables, cabinets, office furniture……………anything you can think of! 

Vinyls are perfect for modernising & giving a new look to most furniture. Browse our selection of vinyls.

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