November 15, 2018

4 Easy Shortcuts To Getting A Luxury Look For Your Kitchen


A luxury look and style is often something homeowners strive to achieve, however people often allow budget or timescales to compromise the luxury kitchen design of their dreams.


Luxury does not need to break the bank, nor does it require you to rip out your existing kitchen and start all over again. It can be found in the simplest of changes, and below you will find 4 top tips for easy shortcuts to letting your dreams of a luxury kitchen become a reality.



Stick with a theme!


Luxury means harmony. Clashing colours and diverse materials are great for making a bold statement, however “luxury” really connotes elegance and comfort (think of luxury spa weekends). Using colours that compliment one another for your kitchen accessories, kitchen surfaces and appliances will really help to create an aesthetic of luxury in your home.


Consider warm tones such as browns, creams and golds for a comfortable and elegant space, or for something more on-trend go for greys and white tones to create a monochromatic effect that is stylish and sophisticated.



Carefully consider your lighting


For many, lighting appears at the bottom of the “to do” list, but lighting is so important when considering the decoration and layout of a room. Make use of natural lighting as best you can, whether that be with a sky-light or by re-dressing the kitchen window with some new blinds. The way a room is lit can really make or break its overall aesthetic.


Artificial lighting should be carefully placed so as not to provide a glare from any of your kitchen appliances or be too bright or harsh – there is nothing luxurious about ill-positioned, harsh, artificial lighting! For finishing touches, don’t be afraid to bring softer furnishings into the kitchen. Floor and tabletop lamps can work just as well in any kitchen as they can in the living room, and really help in creating a comfortable ambience.



Have a quick change


When a lot of homeowners consider a new look for their kitchen, their first port of call is often gathering a sense of budget and pricing up a complete kitchen renovation. But if it isn’t in a state of total disrepair then there is really no need to start scrimping and saving for that brand new kitchen.


You don’t always have to do away with your whole kitchen in order to create a new look. Changing the colour of the wall with a lick of paint or a new roll of wallpaper is a great place to start – there is something therapeutic about painting over the old with the new to mark the beginning of your redecoration project.


You can also try upgrading to new cupboard doors, drawers and splashbacks, or replacing your work surface. Even updating the entrance can help – oak doors are a great choice for a contemporary twist on a classic look, whilst walnut doors are the perfect and unique complement for kitchens with a neutral colour scheme. Making small changes like this and taking your project one step at a time can help to amplify the luxury feel in your kitchen without the stress, hassle and cost of a full renovation.



Stay minimal


There is something to be said about luxury and the elegance of simplicity. They say a tidy space is a tidy mind, so even taking simple steps like clearing away kitchen clutter can help to make your kitchen space feel more comfortable.


Decor is also key when adopting a minimalistic style. With there being less room for accessorising, the decor you do decide to include needs to be selected carefully. Think about the colour palette you have working in your kitchen and try your best to stick to it.


To properly execute the minimalistic style and accomplish a stripped-back look you need to avoid having too much on show. Consider carefully-placed kitchen utensils and accessories, all of which should match!

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